MY 1:1 MARKETING ACCELERATOR is what you're looking for.

Tired of wasting time and money on marketing that doesn't work? 

Build a successful dream business, with a plan of action 
that you will learn all in 8 weeks time. 

the 6 week marketing accelerator 

LEarn how to
scale and grow

Entrepreneurs who are craving clarity and an ongoing strategy for their digital marketing. What strategy works best? How do you get the results you want, from the assets you currently have?

Overwhelmed new brands who are starting from scratch. I’ll guide you through account setup, data collection and tracking, copywriting that converts, and everything in between.

Business owners who would feel more confident with an expert on their side keep you accountable so you stay consistent with your messaging, branding, and efforts.

Employees who have been designated the Social Media Manager who need additional or advanced technical training to build a comprehensive brand strategy with the help of an expert. (Pssst, your boss may help cover the cost of this program. Email me for a template email pitch!)

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Ads Manager. Business Manager. Business Suite. Google Analytics. Sales Funnels. Creator Studio. Catalog Manager. Lead Magnet. Commerce Manager. Instagram Shop. Instagram Guides.

How many of those can you honestly say you understand and can navigate easily? If you’re like most business owners, you’re hoping to grow your business the most cost effective way. You think “Can’t I just hire someone on Fiverr to do my digital marketing for me?”

Well… sure. That’s definitely an option.

But that leaves a huge looming problem. The person you hire on Fiverr doesn’t know your business the way you know your business.

And the person on Fiverr likely doesn’t have the Marketing Brain that I have, working day in and day out, keeping up with every single change and addition to online platforms and their algorithms. 

It’s enough to make you want to give up all together. 

But hold up – it doesn’t have to be that way… 

Map a visual strategy

We will map out your entire online marketing strategy. Facebook Ads, Funnel, Opt-in, Custom audiences, Landing Page. We will identify what isn’t working and what things you need to fix and which campaign objectives best support your goals. You will be able to refer to this strategy for your future marketing efforts.

Make better choices

After your campaigns are delivering, we will analyze the results, and test for leaky buckets in your funnel and resolve them.  I'll teach you how to review ad results in the Ads Manager and solve questions like what to test to increase conversions and lower costs and best practices for A/B testing strategies and scaling. No more wasted ad budgets!

Understand your tracking

Set up conversion tracking and remarketing for your website, Effectively set up and split-test your campaigns by different placements, demographics and interests. We'll use Facebook ad reports to analyze and improve the performance of your campaigns, understand what the numbers actually mean and how they drive results.

A game changer for your business

sick of online courses and want the 1:1 support + training to get that ROAS you know you're capable of. saving you thousands of dollars and hours of headaches from doing it yourself.

the struggle ends today.

master your Marketing

1:1 Calls

6 one-on-one calls - Diving deep into your goals, current struggles and audit of your previous efforts and analytics: No more guessing what works and what doesn't. $1099 value.

Funnel breakdown

Custom Strategies with funnel breakdown - No cookie-cutter coaching! I’ll deliver an action plan with steps that fit your unique business. 
$1499 value.

unlimited support

Unlimited Voxer Support - Carry your coach (me) in your pocket, all day long!
No more breakdowns, more breakthroughs. Chat with me whenever you get stuck! 
$799 value.


Every weekly call includes accountable real-world homework and 1:1 review for testing and scaling. Show me your work, and I'll make sure you've got it down pat.
$599 value.

included in 1:1 accelerator coaching

The 1:1 Marketing Accelerator will get you there so much faster. I consider your business and marketing goals from an objective point of view, providing strategic recommendations just for you. When we're finished: You’ll know exactly how Facebook ads fit into your sales strategy ins & outs of budgeting, placement, and scheduling. 

imagine having your dreams...
and your sanity.

I've literally worked with 100's of businesses. So I know what works and what doesn't.

winning strategy

total confidence

No more confusion, hours of googling, or insecurity in your marketing.

sales baby sales

A healthy and engaged community is on the way. and you know what what means...

That's where i come in.

Hit fast-forward on your business goals with zero-fluff, actionable blueprints you can implement to hit your goals faster, with more punch.

By having me do all the strategic planning for you, you free up precious time to focus on your zone of genius and, most importantly, running your business.

CPA? CTR? You’re done spending hours on Google trying to figure it all out by yourself - and ready to have an expert fast track a profitable advertising and marketing strategy.

Don't let the algorithms get you down. I live, eat, breathe, and sleep digital marketing and know all the latest news and updates needed for optimal performance. 

Actionable, strategic support
for your business

MY marketing BRAIN IS ALL YOURS FOR six weeks

At the end our coaching you will have a complete understanding of the framework that we use to start, grow and scale your e-commerce brand using paid media and organic strategies. Ensuring that you are producing the lowest priced conversions with the highest Return on Ad Spend!

You will have a personalized E-Commerce Facebook Ads Funnel Built and designed especially for your brand and or services.

this UNPARALLELED ACCESS IS ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH the 1:1 Marketing accelerator program


ongoing support and fine-tuning for success

Part 1: Technical setup, optimization and strategy

and testing

technical setup and optimization 

Ready for a clear, actionable plan that gets you there?

Depending on your package and specific needs, we’ll cover online business and marketing strategies such as:


∙Personal Branding + Online Business Strategy

∙Paid Media and Advertising Funnel Strategy

∙Packaging, Positioning, and Offers

∙Social Media Marketing and Messaging

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Why CHOOSE 1:1 coaching over a course or agency?

1:1 coaching is the most efficient and successful way for e-commerce business owners to succeed using Facebook ads and quickly.

Courses are great, but how many courses have you actually followed through with? Hiring a coach keeps you accountable every step of the way.

Agencies are expensive and you never feel like you have their whole attention (I would know, I worked at an advertising agency for years).

Learning the tools yourself with the guidance of an expert can save you thousands in agency fees, stop throwing money at Facebook, and start creating results today.

Plus, you'll have unlimited access to me if you get stuck or need a listening ear to bounce ideas off of! What agency offers that?

The Investment



complete restructuring of your online marketing STRATEGY. 

The total value of everything included is over $5,000+, but you'll get my complete program for only $2,499.

reserve my spot!

That's a fraction of hiring an agency!

Chelse has saved my business multiple times with her expertise, fast action, and skills! There is no one else in this industry that I trust more! When I talk to her about our strategy, she knows exactly what moves we can make to move the needle in our business. When I talk to her about Facebook troubles inside the ad account, she's dealt with it all before and can walk me through next steps. When I need someone reliable to come in on the fly, she shows up for me like superwoman. I 100% recommend Recharge Social Media. THANK YOU so much Chelse!

— Taylor L.


Chelse was extremely helpful in helping me navigate my Facebook and Instagram marketing for my business. She was very knowledgeable and able to communicate clearly the things I needed to change and what I should do in the future, and also told me the things I was doing well. I definitely recommend "The Facebook Fix" for anyone else who needs guidance with their social media

— Robert h.


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