360° marketing
Strategy + Audit

A staggering 95% of CMOs said they find creating engaging content to be one of their biggest challenges. And gone are the days of throwing a post on Facebook and getting heaps of comments and shares just 'cause. In order to compete, your business needs a dedicated and well-researched plan of action. 

That's where I come in. With my 360° marketing strategies, I identify opportunities and lend clarity to your online marketing, study how your competitors are leveraging social content, along with industry trends to develop an action plan that leverages your strengths to become a leader in your industry.

So what's this all mean? It's a fancy way of saying I'm going to find how and where your business could be making more money.

your business may be leaving money on the table.

Most businesses have an operations guide that allows employees, vendors, and contractors to immediately understand the 360° concepts of your brand and online objectives.

Each 30+ page strategy begins at $1,499 and is designed to exponentially increase ROI through your digital performance. 

If you’re ready to grow your business utilizing social media, the first step is understanding the landscape, and that starts with a strategy.

Sick of spending hours on google?

Tired of sifting through endless Google searches trying to find strategy recommendations and training to get that ROI you know you're capable of? Save $1,000's of dollars and hours of headaches of doing it yourself.

It pays for itself, and then some.

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Why your business needs a 360° audit and strategy

Identify strengths and weaknesses to define profitable opportunity.

Swot analysis

mystery shopping

“Mystery Shopping” with customer behavior audit from social to purchase.

content pillars

Identify content pillars to make your brand more consistent and cohesive.

What's included

Define buyer personas target audience framework and where your customer thrives online.

Audience framework

competitor research

Research competitor marketing strategies and where opportunities are to differentiate.

advertising funnel

Recommended advertising funnel with instructions how to fix what’s broken.

temperature check

Before our first session, we'll hop on a consult call to assess your goals and objectives and where you need the most TLC in your strategy. 

I will simplify and tackle your biggest questions about social media, marketing, and advertising  and help get your ducks in row with what assets we need to proceed and move forward.

implement and follow-up

Each strategy is 30+ pages and carefully crafted with your specific business in mind. Within 7 days of your 360° Strategy delivery, you will be provided an option to schedule a follow-up call with Chelse to review the overall action plan, and any implementation questions you have and need additional instruction for. 

This session  will be recorded so you can playback every detail anytime.

research and Delivery

This is where the fun starts, well for me at least. Strategy turnaround times are typically around 14 business days to allow enough time to be as comprehensive as possible. In the meantime, you can contact Chelse via email to request additional support and ask questions as they arise. 

Then wait for your shiny new strategy to be delivered to your inbox!

how it works

competitor research

The first step to crushing your competitors online is knowing where you currently stack up. I’ll study how your competitors are leveraging social content along with industry trends to develop an action plan to utilize your strengths and become a leader in your industry. 

content strategy

Each platform (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, blogging, Google) has its own unique audience and demands an individual voice to suit each one. I identify opportunities and risks and lend clarity to your online strategy, whether you need to build one from scratch or strengthen the strategy currently in place. 

advertising analysis

Pixels? CPM? Lookalike audiences? Take the guesswork out of Facebook advertising with our social media advertising recommendations. Whether your goal is sales, leads, or anything in between, we develop custom campaigns based on your objectives.

training handbook

elevate your brand and your bank account

I analyze the health of your current social media presence and how people are using your website in relation to traffic, customer behavior, and targeting on Facebook. I then provide a step-by-step framework for content calendars, optimize profiles and refine branding points that are delivered in an easy-to-understand manual.

The Investment


complete online marketing audit and strategy packaged in a shiny, 30+ page digital handbook.

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Blog, eat, sleep, tweet, repeat – I am a certified geek about all things social media. Since 2013, I’ve worked with hundreds of brands including Pusser’s Rum, Volkswagen Deutsch, Charleston Fashion Week, Johnsonville Sausage, Vienna Austria Chamber of Commerce, and more. Although one of the coolest clients I’ve worked with was a product featured on Shark Tank (Hint: Daymond John snagged it up!).

My passion is helping businesses electrify their community through targeted advertising and creative content and creating multi-platform strategies to reach audiences, engage customers, and strengthen brand recognition.

hey, i'm Chelse hensley!

i make money multiply.